Do you like Maine?

Do you like t-shirts?

Well, if you answered yes to both of those questions I have some great news! 320 Ink, a veteran-owned company based in Westbrook is launching the Maine Shirt Club.

Each month they'll send you a unique t-shirt that's Maine-inspired. And being based in Westbrook you know you're supporting local quality attire.

The Maine Shirt Club is a great way to support a small business while showing off your love for the great state of Maine. The club also makes an incredible gift. Maybe for someone who has found themselves out of state but still has love for their roots.

It's super easy to get in on the fun. It's $15 a month including shipping and each month a new shirt shows up at your door!

What's even better is the t-shirt design and color is a surprise until just before the release month! Think of it as a monthly present from you and to you!

If you want more information or to sign up, click here to see 320 Ink's website.

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