A young man who was recently diagnosed with cancer is about to celebrate his 21st birthday in a Bangor hospital, and his family needs help making it special.

Kainan's Cancer Journey Began at 7 years old

Looking at Kainan Thornton's smiling face, you'd never guess the journey that he's been through. He was diagnosed with a rare childhood illness at just 7 years old. Histiocytosis is in the cancer family and attacks bones and organs by growing tumors. The poor kid has had multiple surgeries and has spent far too much time in the hospital, already. So it was a happy day when he was told he was cancer-free, despite a warning from doctors that he'd have to deal with follow-ups for the rest of his life, to make sure his cancer hadn't come back.

Years went by. Kainan graduated high school, got his first job, and worked with kids at the Bangor Y. Life was starting to feel more normal than it had since he was just a small child. He loved listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and playing his bass. And he loves his little dog, who he's missing very much these days because, in March, he was diagnosed with leukemia. His family was told to pack a bag and head to Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center, where he would remain for several weeks, receiving treatment. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover the expenses of his stay.

How Can We Help Make His Birthday Special?

This young man, who's already been through so much, turns 21-years-old on April 24th and he'll spend it in a hospital room. So his family is organizing some ways to make it a happy and memorable celebration for him, despite the clinical surroundings:

Kainan's Mom, Nicole, is asking people to gather at Cascade Park in Bangor at 12:30 Saturday afternoon, April 16th, and form a parade up State Street, ending up standing outside his hospital window at around 1:00. Signs and balloons are encouraged to make him smile.

In addition, Nicole is asking folks to send birthday cards to their home. She will then bring them into his hospital room, so he can open them on his birthday. Cards can be sent to:

Nicole Thompson

44 Boyd Street Apt. 26

Bangor, ME 04401

Let's work together to make this a happy day and bring that beautiful smile to his face. We're thinking about you, Kainan. Happy Birthday!

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