Well, today is Halloween, and I figured what better way to get into the spirit, than to check out some horror movie film spots. The original Pet Sematary came out almost 30 years ago, and let's face it. It was kinda awful. Based on the trailer that I've seen for the new version, it seems on target to be waaaayyy better.

I'll warn you of one sad thing about this video. It was not shot by someone from Maine, so the constant mispronunciation of Bangor is a bit grating, but I'll overlook it. Haha. Also, I have to be honest, when I started watching the video, I thought it was gonna be pretty boring. But once I got into the depth od discussion the guy gets into, I ended up watching all 11 minutes.

So you know, as you're sitting at your desk, or sitting your car while the kids are running up and down the street grabbing all the candy they can get their hands on, feel free to enjoy this little gem. you'll especially love the part about the Crandall's house. It was kind of a brain buster.

Anyway....Happy Halloween boys and ghouls!