Sacha Baron Cohen has a new TV show. Maybe you heard about it last week because a bunch of people who were interviewed on it, including Sarah Palin and Roy Moore, proactively denounced him and the series, Who Is America? I’m not sure the best way to kill a show is to give it tons of free publicity before even a second of it airs, thus raising its profile many times over, but hey what do I know?

The first episode just premiered on Showtime, revealing that Who Is America? is sort of Da Ali G Show 2.0. Like the show that catapulted Cohen to international stardom, his new creation features interviews with real people, conducted by Cohen disguised as a variety of eccentric characters. The new batch includes Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., a lampoon of right-wing conspiracy theorists, Dr. Nira Cain-N’Degeocello, a spoof of left-wing activists, Rick Sherman, an ex-con who makes art out of his bodily fluids, and Erran Morad, an Israeli gun activist. The clip above is basically Erran’s full segment from the premiere, and it is wild.

The other three characters are a mixed bag, and at least after the first episode I have absolutely no idea what the criminal artist guy has to do with the other three Cohens, or the theme of documenting and satirizing the extreme views of some members of our nation. But Erran is a winner. His platform of arming toddlers (literal four year olds) with assault weapons in order to stop the next school shooting might sound ludicrous to you or me. But Erran, weird prosthetic makeup and all, got a shocking number of current and former public servants, including California representatives Joe Wilson and Dana Rohrabacher, to deliver testimonials to the camera for his “Kinderguardians” program. The whole thing is above. Prepare to scrape your jaw off the floor.

Or maybe not. The way 2018 is going, we’re all running out of ways to be surprised by the things people say on camera. You can watch the full premiere of Who Is America? right now on Showtime’s website.

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