Rubi Rose has the internet talking after admitting that she is not a blood gang member, and she throws up gang signs because it's fashionable.

Rubi Rose appeared on the Big Facts podcast during an interview that surfaced on Tuesday (April 19). During the sit-down with co-hosts Big Bank and DJ Scream, the former XXL Freshman admitted that despite constantly wearing red and occasionally throwing up blood gang signs she is not a member of the gang.

"I'm not actually a gang member. I know that's kind of like a joke on the internet," Rubi Rose said. "I was around gang members and I just like throwing their gang signs up because it's cute. I love the color red. I'm in no way a gang member, though."

"My real name is Rubi Rose," the "Loyal Dick" rapper continued when Big Bank told her rose was also a term affiliated with the bloods gang. "Then I moved to Atlanta and I started being around, like, bloods."

"It's cool," Rose said of the gang culture. "I know, like, what be going on isn't cool. But, the colorful clothing and the hand signs, just being cool with the music. That stuff. Like, that stuff is cool to me. I hadn't seen that before."

Rubi Rose later admitted if something went down and she was in a gang type situation, she doesn't know how she would react. "I hope I don't ever be in that situation," she added.

Once the internet got a hold of the video, Twitter users had plenty to say. "Rubi rose saying she throws up gang signs because 'its cute' is so wild lmao," one Twitter user posted. "Mfs think this world a fairytale."

Others were not as put off by Rose's admission. "The intervener giving Rubi Rose hell for what bitches doing everyday but whatever," another person posted.

Rose released her debut mixtape For the Streets in December of 2020. She is currently working on the follow-up. In February, she put out her new single "I Like."

See more Twitter reactions to Rubi Rose's revelation below.

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