The old Hampden Academy building is all sorts of things now.

I haven't set foot in that building since 1992, when I graduated. Well, maybe I popped in there once or twice fairly soon after graduation. But definitely since the early 90's, I hadn't been back. In fact, I never got a chance to take one last lap through the building before they switched to the new building in the Reed's Brook spot.

I also haven't been in since the town basically turned the whole thing into some kind of community center. All sorts of things happen in that building, but they're all more business oriented. There's a credit union, and as of this Sunday, a new church will be in the building.

Exit: The Journey Church. Enter: The Rock Church

For the last few years, the Journey church had been using the space, according to the BDN. But as soon as they moved out, the Rock Church began looking into expanding into the building, after an attempt at another space along Route 1A in Holden didn't work out.

They've already expanded their space over on Ohio Street in Bangor a couple times, and also have a satellite location in Old Town. This will offer another 550 seats of worship, in addition to the 1000 or so that regularly attend their Bangor location.

They've taken over the "Old Gym" as we called it when I went there, as well as a couple of adjoining classrooms and the old library. Now that the renovations to the space are complete, thanks to the money that wasn't used in the Rout 1A project. Everything is in place, and their Grand Opening will be tomorrow. Services will be at 9:30am and 11:00am this Sunday.

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