Members of the Class of 2015 at Colby College in Waterville will have a very prestigious person delivering the commencement address this year.

Actor and independent filmmaker, Robert Redford, will deliver the address on Sunday, May 24th.  The ceremony begins at 10AM and it's open to the public, it will be held on the lawn of the Miller Library weather permitting.

The Academy Award winning actor who founded the Sundance Film Festival will talk and give advice to the approximately 480 students from thirty two different countries who will graduate that day.

On the Colby College website, Colby President David A. Greene said, "Robert Redford represents with great honor and prestige so much of what we value at Colby. Throughout his distinguished career he has demonstrated a commitment to the open expression of ideas and the power of artful storytelling. We look forward to welcoming him to Colby and to hearing the insights he will provide to our graduating class.”

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