ROAD TRIP ALERT: This iconic restaurant is ready to open for their 45th, and possibly last, season!

With summer knocking on the door, without a doubt, this is the time where lots of people take a well-deserved vacation from the daily grind and hit the open road. If you are headed out of town to explore some cool Maine traditions, and you love lobster rolls, we found a perfect fit.

The Taste of Maine restaurant has been serving up delicious seafood since 1978. They have a few claims to fame, one being a giant inflatable lobster that sits on top of the roof, and covers about 75% of it, and the other is their claim that they serve "The World’s Largest Lobster Roll."

These bad boys are 22-inches long, and it has become a dare that many customers have taken on over the years. In fact, should you finish this beast, you become an official member of "The Clean Plate Club" which based on the sheer size of this lobster roll, is no easy feat.

In a recent post, the owners acknowledged the fact that there is a new “For Sale” sign on the building, but did state that they will indeed return on Thursday, for their 45th season of business.

Hopefully whoever purchases this establishment will keep a tradition going that Mainers and tourists from all over the world have been enjoying for decades!

Here are their Spring hours:

Wednesday-11 to 8
Thursday-11 to 8
Friday-11 to 8
Saturday-11 to 8
Sunday-11 to 8

One of the great things about Taste of Maine, is that people love to take videos of themselves attempting to polish these ridiculously huge lobster rolls off, including a Guinness World Records title holder, for "World's Largest Mouth Gape"

To give you an idea of just how long Taste of Maine has been doing their thing, we found a TV commercial that dates all the way back to 1978!

The Best Restaurants in Downeast Maine for Lobster

So when your hungry out-of-state relatives or friends come to our great state, where do you take them for a mouth-watering lobster dinner?

The answer to that often asked question will be top of mind for a lot of Mainers this season, as thousands of tourists, relatives, and friends drive hundreds if not thousands of miles to take in the sights and eat what our state is most famous for, lobster.

Whether it's a lobster salad, in a hot dog roll, a broiled tail, thrown into a pot of boiling sea water, or god forbid, made into a lobster poutine, people near and far crave it, and as soon as they make it into this neck of the woods it'll be what they have for dinner that night.

While each of us already have a few favorite snack bars, take-outs, and restaurants in mind, it would be wrong of this author to pass along those personal suggestions. So, we're going to rely on the reviews of TripAdvisor to point our visitors in the right directions. We've focused on the Ellsworth and Mount Desert Island area, and here is what we found as we count our way up to the #1 most recommended place for lobster Downeast.

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