Coolio was not only a Grammy award-winning rapper, but he also dabbled in paranormal investigation.

Earlier this week, rapper, Coolio died at age 59. TMZ says his manager Jarez reportedly said the veteran rhymer died of cardiac arrest, although an official cause of death has yet to be determined.

The "Gangsta's Paradise" rapper not only performed in Bangor but also did some ghost hunting in the area. Back in 2006, Celebrity Paranormal Project, filmed two episodes on Ayers Island, in Orono. One episode "Tanner's Ghost" featured Coolio, along with David Carradine, Andrew Firestone, Mia St. John, and Bridget Marquardt. Participants investigated the "Hawthorne Mill," which was really the Striar Textile Mill.

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The two episodes from Ayers Island are streaming on Freevee via Amazon Prime Video.

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