This has been the most amazing week of spring weather I can remember.

I remember seeing the forecast for this week, last week. More often then not, I don't put a lot of stock into that sort of thing that far out because Maine's weather is so fickle. The forecast makes a lot of promises that Mother Nature loves to skip right out on. But so far, we've been blessed with absolutely fantastic weather.

And the best part is that it's not letting up for several more days. Every day, the the temps have crept up just a bit more from the day before. Originally, it was sort of thought that Thursday was going to be the highlight of the week. But as we get closer to the weekend, I keep reading about the chance we might hit 90 degrees. And that got me wondering...

Will this weekend's weather poise us to set any records?

And the fact is, it might! It breaks down like this, I did find on a semi-credible website that the highest temp on May 14th (Saturday's date) was 87. The highest temp ever recorded in Bangor for the month of May was 92, set in 1992, according to

Right now, the National Weather Service is calling for the temp to hit 87. This would tie us with the record for the date, but would have us falling short of breaking the record for the hottest day in May in Bangor. But, we all know, the forecast is a bit relative. So, it could easily end 5 degrees on either side of that number.

So, if the question is, are we going to break any records this weekend? I'd say, it's a solid maybe. We'll all just have to shut off the TV and stick our heads out the window on Saturday and see what's what...


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