Another day, another rap debate. This time, it involves Fabolous being a better rapper than André 3000, according to Reason.

Top Dawg Entertainment artist Reason has sparked an intense debate on social media on who is the better rapper between Fabolous and André 3000.

On Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay’s Higher Learning podcast, which aired on Friday (Jan. 7) on YouTube, Reason boldly stated that F-A-B-O is a better rapper than Three Stacks. “In my opinion, yes, Fabolous is a better rapper. I would love something like that [Verzuz],” he stated. “But I feel like if you lined up Fabolous and André 3000, I got my money on Fab. That’s how I feel.”

Stunned by Reason’s statement, Lathan replied, “I’m not about to hate on Fab, but goddamn that boy from Atlanta is a monster. Hey Reason, c’mon. We love Fab. I love Fab. You know damn well Three Stacks is...”

Reason stopped Lathan and explained his position. “That’s the thing,” the rapper said. “I don’t know. [Fab] outraps Wayne. If you can outrap Wayne, you can outrap André 3000. He’s outrapped Wayne on records."

“I don’t think if they line up...if they do a ‘6 Minutes’ of death-type record, like, I’m not saying it’s easy for Fab, but I think if Fab came in with the mindset of ‘I want the best verse,’ I think Fab can outrap André 3000,” he concluded.

On the same day, Reason reposted the clip on his Twitter account and added, “We need a Fab vs Andre versuz. Verses only! I got fab! Somebody hand me the aux!”

Reason’s tweet generated a deluge of comments from rap fans who mostly feel that André 3000 is unbeatable in a rap battle.

"Fab cold but he don’t have a verse, in his entire career, that’s even touching Andre’s most recent verse (“Life of the Party”)," wrote one person.

Another commenter tweeted, "Trash take, Fab isn't even top 5 in his own state. 3stacks is top 5 period."

However, some people did agree with Reason’s assessment that Fabo is a better lyricist than Three Stacks.

"Ppl jus say what they programmed to without thought Dre don't even really rap no more fab consistent he sharp," the user tweeted. "Fab the best rapper ever to come outta Brooklyn..I said what I said."

Who you got? Let the debates begin.

Watch the full episode of Van Lathan’s Higher Learning podcast below. Fast-forward to the 47-minute mark to see Reason explain why he thinks Fabolous is a better rapper than André 3000.

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