When Iggy Azalea first told James Corden that her fiance, Nick Young, wants R. Kelly to perform sensual love song "Marry The P---sy" at their wedding, we thought she was kidding. But it looks like the joke's on us, because it might actually happen.

According to TMZ, after Kelly found out about the request, he spoke with Young to find out of he was serious or not. He said, "I didn't know that it was real until I met my man today. And now that I know it's real, we have to sit down and discuss the logistics of the whole thing."

Kelly somehow never expected that someone would someday request he perform "Marry The P---y" at their wedding, despite the romance inherent in lines such as, "If I'm ever in the mood for two p---sies / Then the p---sy will bring another p---sy to me" and "This is a sex proposal."

But he's game to sing anything from his catalogue, apparently. He said, "Anything I wrote I'm open to performing. I wrote the song, I put that on myself... I never thought anybody on the planet would come and ask me to sing it for a wedding. But you know what? It should be fine."

If you could get anyone to perform at your wedding, who would you choose? What would they sing? Is your choice R. Kelly? Do you want him to sing "Marry The P---sy" in front of all your family and friends?

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