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Prince Jackson Says That His Father Would Have Supported #FreeBritney

When talking on Good Morning Britain earlier this week, Prince Jackson said he knows that his father Michael Jackson would have supported Britney Spears amid her conservatorship battle. (via TMZ)

Does Drake Have a Private 'Tinder' Assistant?

A TikTok user is claiming that she knows someone who works for Drake as his very own live "Tinder," finding "hot girls" for the rapper to hook up with. "This information came to me from one of the crew members on Drake's tour. This was the guy who did all the tech stuff. And he told me that Drake has an employee whose job is to go around town looking for super hot girls," the TikToker said in a video. "He finds the girls and then he interviews them, and out of all the girls he interviews, he picks the one that he thinks is the best. Then, he drives her to Drake's place, Drake has sex with her, and then he drives her home. So basically, Drake has his own private Tinder." (via VCF)

Chloe Reveals the Best Advice She's Ever Received From Beyonce

Chloe Bailey was on the Spout Podcast discussing her new song "Have Mercy" when she revealed the best advice her mentor Beyonce has ever given her. “You know, something that she continues to remind me of is to trust my gut and my instinct and my voice, and what I love is that she’s always asking me, what do you want to do? And even before she even gives me her advice, she’d be like, what do you want? And then I’m like, well, what do you think? Because she has so much expertise and she’s been exactly where I’ve been, I'll listen to anything she says honestly. I think anyone will, I mean, it’s Queen Bey," Chloe said. Fair enough. (via Just Jared)

Joe Buck Once Called a Brett Favre Touchdown While Peeing in a Bottle

Commentator Joe Buck was on the Spotless podcast where he revealed a hilarious moment when he had to relieve himself in a bottle while calling an NFL touchdown.

Why Will Ferrell Turned Down Elf Sequel

Despite the fact that the movie Elf made $223 million at the box office and star Will Ferrell was offered $29 million to do a sequel, he turned it down! Why? Because its premise was too similar to the first film. (via People)

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