Like a lot of kids, my daughters are OBSESSED with Harry Potter.  They have all the books, the movies, the dolls (action figures?), video games, and the toys.  Who knew there was so much Harry Potter merchandise?

But, did you know there was Harry Potter yoga?  Yep, it's thing!

I found out about it over the weekend, when my wife called up the video on Youtube.

The video was put together by Cosmic Kids Yoga, an organization that does themed yoga videos for kids.

The Harry Potter one we watched put you through an easy (kid friendly) yoga routine that is inspired by the first Harry Potter book.

Check it out:

Some of the other themed videos done by Jaime, and the rest of the team at  Cosmic Kids, include routines based on Star Wars, Trolls, celebrating the United States of America, and Cinderella.

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