This Saturday's plan Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Portland has been postponed citing concerns over physical violence from counter-protesters. A spokesperson for the organization said the threats aren't what caused them to reschedule but instead trying to ensure that members of their organization and protesters alike are safe from any physical harm according to News Center Maine

"We are not postponing because of threats. But we also have to keep our members safe from physical harm. We ask you white Maine and city officials -- is this your reality when you approach a podium? Or did you effortlessly approach your microphone for a press conference today without hundreds of threats on your life?" Organizers wrote in a post on Saturday.

The postponement came as a result of Mayor Kate Snyder, and the Police Chief of Portland urged counter-protesters to leave their guns at home, and please keep an open mind.


After much deliberation and debate, BLM Maine made the decision to postpone our event today. We do so with nuance and we...

Posted by Black Lives Matter Maine on Saturday, 5 September 2020


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