Do you think the U.S. government should stop making pennies?

The current coin shortage due to the coronavirus pandemic has some people wondering once again if the U.S. government should stop making pennies. There are some convincing and logical arguments in favor of getting rid of pennies. For one, they cost more than they are worth to produce, according to The Balance. One penny reportedly costs 2.06 cents to make and distribute, as of 2018. The article says 7.04 billion pennies were made in 2019, which cost taxpayers $145 million dollars. Another reason: The New York Times states that "the purchasing power of the penny has fallen."

On the flip side of the argument, the New York Times makes an important point: "Eliminating pennies would amount to a one-cent sales tax for consumers." Many stores offer items that cost 99 cents.

While some people dislike pennies so much that they throw them away, others have sentimental reasons for wanting the government to keep making pennies. Pennies are a part of America's history.

A penny for your thoughts: Take our poll below, and tell us what you think.:

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