Summer 2017 is officially here — so, which pop artist's brand new album will find space between your towel and sunscreen at the pool?

In July 2017, some of pop's brightest acts — and its favorite melancholy crooner — are dropping tunes that'll have you grooving like autumn is years away. Haim will follow up the success of their massive "Want You Back" with Something To Tell You, their sophomore effort, The Vamps will keep things sunshiny with Night & Day, their third full-length effort and Sevyn Streeter will stand alone for the first time with Girl Disrupted, her first full-length solo LP.

And, of course Lana Del Rey will bring the summertime sadness (or the 2017 equivalent) with Lust for Life, her fifth full-length work.

Check out the July 2017 albums you'd be smart to get your hands on below, pick what you're most ready to hear in the poll and expand on your choice in the comments!

The Best Pop Albums of 2016:

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