Wait a minute, so Pete Davidson wasn't technically single before getting involved with rumored fiancée Ariana Grande? An insider is spilling the beans.

On Sunday (June 17), TMZ reported that the Saturday Night Live comedian didn't quite call off his last relationship entirely when he courted the pop singer, to whom he reportedly proposed this week after merely a month as a couple. A source close to the mates claims Davidson and his ex-girlfriend, Cazzie David, were actually "on a break" back in May, the same time his feelings for the "Light Is Coming" musician began to flourish.

Since then, of course, the public displays of affection noticed between the pair on social media — going Instagram official in Harry Potter style, getting matching tattoos, and in Grande's case, flashing a costly rock that may or may not purport the duo's plans to walk down the aisle in the future — has been an obvious indicator that they've hit it off.

So where exactly does Davidson's old flame stand on the matter? Unbothered, according to the gossip site… and David's Instagram feed for that matter.

The Eighty-Sixed creator, who was with the 24-year-old entertainer for roughly two years, has been seemingly unfazed by the stories surrounding her ex's romantic life with the Sweetener chanteuse. Any scroll through her social feed would tell you she's too busy sipping fancy wine and living her best life in South Africa to give attention to the gossip.

No tears left to cry, indeed.

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