Popham Beach

Popham Beach in Phippsburg is home to many creatures. Seagulls, crabs, maybe the occasional whale or shark. But do you know what's not native to Popham Beach or even the United States? The veiled chameleon.

Veiled Chameleon

The veiled chameleon is also known as the cone-head chameleon and is native to Yemen and Saudi Arabia according to the Oregon Zoo, but due to these critters being kept as pets in the states and some finding their way to the wild, there are small pockets of veiled chameleons in the wild in Florida and Hawaii.

The state of Maine, obviously, isn't a friendly climate for these chameleons so finding one at Popham Beach is odd, to say the least.

On Sunday one beach-goer spotted the little guy and knew that his being on the beach just wasn't right.

Whether this was a pet who escaped or a pet abandoned, the individual who found it knew it didn't belong so they bought him to the Bath Police Department.

Where's Home?

Bath PD posted the green guy to Facebook in hopes that someone was missing him and they could be reunited. After no one came forward and not being equipped as a police station to care for a chameleon, he went to HerpHaven Reptile Sanctuary and Hospital.


HerpHaven is a nonprofit based in Brunswick that rescues and rehabilitates reptiles and amphibians and facilitates adoptions of these wonderful creatures.

To help HerpHaven on their mission and make sure animals like the veiled chameleon are well taken care of you can donate here.

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