It seems the Old Town Police Department is getting into the holiday season, and hoping to help spread some cheer in the process. According to a post put up on their Facebook Page earlier this week, anyone who has an outstanding parking ticket in Old Town "can bring in $10.00 in non-perishable food, we will then mark your ticket as paid!"

Old Town Deputy Police Chief, Lee Miller, says Sgt. Jim Faron came up with the idea a few years back and they've offered this option to citizens every year since. "We see an uptick in parking tickets this time of's a great way to give back to the community." Lee says the uptick in tickets comes as folks get used to the winter parking bans across the city. He says an average parking ticket is $20, so if they choose to donate non-perishables instead, they're actually saving a bit of money.

All the donations collected in lieu of parking tickets will be given to local food  banks to help citizens in Old Town in need of food. Deputy Chief Miller says all you have to do, to take advantage of this program, is to bring your canned good donations and your parking ticket to the Old Town Police Department at 150 Brunswick St. between 7AM and 3:30PM. The officer on duty at the desk with void out the parking ticket and mark it as paid with a food donation.

Miller says he's happy to give folks a break while they give their neighbors a hand, and help the community in the process.



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