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10,000 and Counting Sign Petition to Ban Jeff Bezos from Re-entering Earth

The Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, has been nicknamed, "Lex Luther," on the petition to ban him from re-entering Earth upon his space launch on July 20. The author of the petition claimed that the multi-billionaire, "worked with the Epsteins and the Knights Templar, as well as the Free Masons to gain control over the whole world." Bezos has not yet commented on the petition banning his re-entry. (via New York Post)

Paris Jackson Makes Guests Who Enter Her Home Sign an NDA

On the latest episode of Red Table Talk, Paris Jackson and Willow Smith discussed their experiences with trusting others. Smith and Jackson both agreed that in many of their personal friendships and relationships with others, they are worried about sharing information. To prevent any leaks that could affect her or her parents' reputations, Jackson makes anyone who enters her home sign an NDA.  (via Just Jared)

The 'Gorilla Glue Girl' Is Releasing Her Own Hair Products

Tessica Brown, famously known for using Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive in place of normal hairspray, just launched a line of hair products called "Forever Hair," which features a hairspray for $14, a sleek edge control product for $13 and hair growth drops for $18. Brown made the products with individuals who suffer from hair loss and damage in mind.  (via TMZ)

Bridezilla Won't Accept Any Gift Under $400

Feel lucky you weren't invited to this wedding! A bride is being attacked on Facebook for her ridiculous wedding registry. The registry listed very specific and expensive items with a minimum cost of $400, such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton purses, high class paintings and even floor tiles for her entire home. The entitled bride also asked guests to consult her first if they needed to spend "slightly lower" than $400. (via 7 News)

Zoe Kravitz Is Making Her Directorial Debut 

Zoe Kravitz will be making her directorial debut with P---y Island. Starring Channing Tatum, the film is a thriller about a tech mogul named Slater King, who is being pursued by a young cocktail waitress. After finagling her way into his inner circle on his private island, she soon realizes that there is more to the island than parties and dancing. (via Deadline)

James Corden and Ariana Grande Celebrate End of Lock-Down

James Corden and Ariana Grande celebrated the end of (many, not all) COVID-related lock-downs with a parody of "Good Morning Baltimore," from the musical Hairspray. The parody video even featured Marissa Jaret Winokur, who played Tracy Turnblad in the musical. Watch below!

Willow Smith and Avril Lavigne Teaming Up for Music Video 

Willow Smith and her "idol" Avril Lavigne were spotted in Los Angeles filming a music video for one of Smith's upcoming pop-punk songs. Smith hopes her upcoming pop-punk album will increase representation for Black artists in rock and punk music. (via People)

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