The Maine DOT is taking applications to fill 92 openings for plow truck drivers.

The State of Maine employs more than 700 plow truck drivers who work tirelessly to clear the interstate and highway systems. But, this year, that team of employees is short 92 positions, which causes stress for the current drivers. Each one is required to work until they get tired, at which point they're replaced by someone else, so there are at least two drivers dedicated to each truck. Sickness or lack of replacement employees means that the driver ends up working longer hours or covering a larger area because, let's face it, the snow isn't going to stop falling!

These are jobs with the State of Maine, so they pay well and employees receive state benefits. And they're full-time, year-round positions. (Obviously, in the summer, you'd be working at other jobs).

Anyone interested in one of these positions can apply online, or you can apply in person. Log onto the MaineDOT Regions page to find the representative in your town.

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