The popular Kozy Korner Store in Orrington is up for sale, but still carrying on with business as usual.

What Is the Kozy Korner?

The Kozy Korner is part of the Orrington landscape. For years, it was known as Bob's Kozy Korner but, when Bob retired, became the Kozy Korner under new owner, Mike LaBrie. Through the years, it's become a go-to for everything from hot pizza, sandwiches, and other food, snacks, drinks, and groceries. And it's still operating in all those capacities, although now it's up for sale, listed on by Danielle Liscomb at $499,000.

Why Is the Owner Selling?

I spoke with LaBrie about his reasons for selling and he talked about how his four years of ownership have been challenging. First, he spent a fair amount of money making improvements to the store and getting it up to code. Then there was the pandemic, which caused his store to shut down more than once. Inflation provided its own challenges, plus he dealt with a major lottery theft case that's still pending. And then, there was the fire in February of 2022 that started in the apartment on the second floor that also caused extensive damage to the store. LaBrie recovered from the fire and even made some awesome improvements to the building, which upgraded the kitchen area and even created an ice cream window for the summer months. Located along the Sedgeunkedunk stream, it's a beautiful area to sit outside on a summer day.

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What's Next for the Owner?

LaBrie says it's all taken an emotional and physical toll on him. He's proud of the improvements that he made but says it's was time to move on.

I'm grateful for all the support the community has shown me and my family not only in the business side of things but with compassion for what I've gone through.

He plans to follow his passion and work with dogs. I'm glad he's taking the initiative to dedicate more time to his family and envy him his new adventure, because who wouldn't love to spend their day with pups. Best of luck to Mike and Becca LaBrie on their next chapter.

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