Bangor Police shared a photo recently of an officer doing a good deed that included allowing two young men to get take-out from the backseat of the cruiser.

Sergeant Tim Cotton says the department has received a lot of gift cards in the past year, that are then used to feed folks who could use a warm meal or a hot cup of coffee. The officers don't keep the cards for their personal use, but rather as a way to show some kindness to someone in need. Check out the picture and read the story attached. What a cool thing to do for a couple of guys who were outside in sub-zero temperatures and needed something to warm their toes. Nothing warms the soul like a good laugh and some piping hot McDonald's coffee!

Thanks to the men and women of law enforcement who not only risk their lives to keep us safe, but also show some kindness when it's most needed. We appreciate all you do and wish you and your families a very Happy Holiday season!