It has been Indigenous Peoples Day in Maine for the past couple of years. It is still Columbus Day federally, however.

Today is one of 10 national holidays federally. This means all non-essential federal government offices are closed for Columbus Day.  Columbus day commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas.

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So it’s no mail delivery today, although most Fed Ex and UPS operations are business as usual today with pickups and deliveries.

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Federal Courts are closed as are state and county courts today.

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Most schools are closed today, but not most colleges and universities.

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The financial markets are open. But most banks are closed today.

Checking with Bangor and Brewer, both city offices are closed. So no paying taxes or getting paperwork done, but curbside garbage pick up will happen in both cities.

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Libraries are closed.  The Community Connector Buses will run on a holiday schedule.

Most businesses are open.  For almost every retail store it is just another day of business.

And if you’re Canadian it’s Thanksgiving Day today in your native land.

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