If you've traveled around you might have come across an alternative form of transportation that is rarely seen here in the State of Maine, electric scooters.

Taking a trip to Key West last summer, my husband and I rented an electric scooter to easily get around the island. It was a blast, super-efficient, and very convenient. Here she is in all of her glory.

Townsquare Media Bangor, Sarah Nickerson
Townsquare Media Bangor, Sarah Nickerson

Now, a Bangor region town is looking to 'hop on' to the idea.

In a Facebook post
from Tuesday, the City of Old Town reached out to the public about the possibility of an electric scooter program and used social media to possibly find a fleet manager to be part of the pilot program.

Details about this program

Here's what was mentioned in the Facebook post:

"The City of Old Town is considering piloting an electric scooter program... This program has been successfully launched in cities similar to our size."

Additionally, the town wanted to be sure that people knew this was a free endeavor for the town and no tax dollars were being spent on this pilot program. Also, in the comments, the town expanded on the benefits of adding a program like this:

"NOTE: This will cost the City of Old Town ZERO dollars. This is a private company looking to test the market with this mode of transportation."


"This is all private money and will cost the City nothing. In reality, the City may indirectly get credit for increasing alternative modes of transportation. When applying for grants, which we do often, points are rewarded for these types of programs."



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Fleet Manager Wanted

The point of the post was to look for someone to manage the transportation. Here are the details that were provided about this position:

"We are looking for a fleet manager to operate this project. A fleet manager should have access to garage/warehouse space, vehicle to transport and relocate scooters, and some past or current experience running a business."

Insight of the company that the City of Old Town is working with shows an extensive history of working with other municipalities and experience with their product:

"This company has had success in 375 other cities. Tracked by GPS. The fleet manager manages them and knows when they are moved without being paid for."

For those interested, reach out to EJ Roach by email at eroach@old-town.org or give them a call at (207)827-3965.

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