The Old Town Animal Orphanage is in a tough spot right now and is asking the public for help.  The shelter, located at 71 Airport Road in Old Town, is in search for a new vehicle that will transport animals of the orphanage.

The shelter, founded in 1990, is a 'no kill' shelter for the Bangor area and takes in stray dogs and cats from local police departments and animal control officers.

The animal orphanage's former vehicle has repairs that are too expensive to fix and priority of money goes to neutering and vaccinating animals that come in.

In a Facebook post posted by the orphanage on Wednesday, they shared their plight and was asking for a little help:

So, they are reaching out to the public for help in finding them a new vehicle.

In an interview with WABI-TV5, the manager of the The Animal Orphanage, Erik Chambers, is looking for a vehicle that is low-mileage, reliable and bigger in order to accommodate for animals and people.  They are also looking for reliable heat from the vehicle and air conditioning in order to keep the animals comfortable when they are traveling or waiting for appointments at veterinary clinics.

If you would like to make donations for the animals in the shelter, you can stop by any time and leave donations in the donation bin in front of the shelter.

If you are looking to help the shelter, contact them on their Facebook page 'Animal Orphanage (Old Town, Maine)' or call The Animal Orphanage at (207)827-8777.

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