Alright you crazy Z-sters.... Our master of all things digital, DJ Judgy Jeff aka Randy Radio, put up a poll on Facebook yesterday, because we wanted to know how you guys felt about the thickness of your pizza crust. I feel like it's one of those debates that there might not really be a correct answer to. Yet, it seems like it's almost as polarizing as Red Sox vs. Yankees.

It all started yesterday, when a co-worker asked this seemingly simple question on his Facebook page. I made some snarky comment of my own, but then it got my wheels turning. Mostly because this person seemed to see pizza crust as a line in the sand as to whether or not he can even be friends with someone.

Now, of course he was joking (kinda), but folks do get pretty testy about it. So, the thought was, a Facebook poll was in order to put the debate to rest once and for all. Well, frankly, that didn't exactly happen. As I'm looking at the results as they stand at the moment, Thick Crust is winning by a margin even thinner than its thinnest Thin Crust competitor.

So honestly, I can't say there is a totally clear winner. Sure thick crust had 51% of the vote, but I'd hardly call that a definitive landslide. And I bet most folks, probably go both ways, or maybe just pie-curious?

But, I also think that if we just look at the majority of pizza spots around the greater Bangor area, crust tends to be on the thicker side. And that's ok. It's all delicious. That's what random trips to New York are for anyway! But for now, I'll just eat what's on my plate.

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