A retired gas station worker from Nova Scotia is close to completing his decades-long quest to return a lost class ring to a student from Brewer High School in Maine.

CTV News reports that Johnny Ward found the ring in a bathroom at the Irving gas station where he worked in Glenholme, Nova Scotia. That was in the early 1990s. He kept the ring behind the counter for years, hoping someone might come claim it. When he retired, he took the ring with him, and his girlfriend encouraged him to try and find the owner.

Ward had never used a computer, so he contacted CTV Atlantic to help him find the rightful owner. The class ring has a pinkish stone, with a witch on one side of it, Brewer High School, and Class of 1980 in the design. And inside are three initials - CAJ. A search online turned up Brewer High School Witches in Maine. A check of the yearbook turned up one student in that class with those initials. School officials, and now her classmates, are working to contact her and see if Ward's decades-long quest can be completed and he can return the ring to her.

I love this story because I'm a member of the Brewer High School Class of 1980 and the ring belongs to one of my classmates. (not pictured with me, above) The dedication of this man to find the owner and return the ring, when many would have thrown it in a lost-and-found and forgotten about it, impresses me!

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