The Northern Maine Ice Busters are going for the largest ice carousel world record again. Last year, Minnesota claimed the record with a frozen carousel measuring 1,325 feet in diameter.

Northern Maine Ice Busters Going for Their Third World Record

The Northern Maine Ice Busters have been the champs two times in the past and are going for the third World Champion Ice Carousel title. The team won in 2018 with a 427 feet in diameter ice carousel. The last time they took home the trophy was in April 2021, making a disk that measured 27-acre and 1,234 feet in diameter.

2021 World Champion Ice Carousel (See the video below)

St. John Valley Live via YouTube
St. John Valley Live via YouTube

When and Where is the Ice Carousel Being Made?

On April 1st and April 2nd, the crew plans to have a big event on Long Lake in St. David, Maine. You are invited to come and see the World Record Ice Carousel on full display as it spins in all its glory.

World Champion Ice Carousel History

Over the years, the ice carousels have gotten bigger and bigger. 

  • In 2017, Finland won the record with a 400 feet in diameter disc. That project was led by Janne Käpylehto and his team. 
  • Maine took home the victory in 2018 with a 427 feet in diameter ice carousel. 
  • In 2019, the size jumped to 688 feet, won by a crew in Quebec. 
  • February 2020 saw the size grow to 750 feet - this time, the Zwilling family in Minnesota set the record. 
  • Finland took the world record back in March of 2021 with a massice 1,017 feet in diameter carousel.
  • The Northern Maine Ice Busters broke the record in April 2021 with an impressive 1,234 feet frozen carousel.
  • The Zwilling family in Minnesota won in February 2022 with a 1,325 feet in diameter ice carousel.
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YouTube Videos of the Ice Carousel

Watch some of the videos on YouTube too. St. John Valley Live has some great overhead shots of the Ice Carousel from 2021.

Northern Maine Ice Busters on Facebook

The Northern Maine Ice Busters Facebook page has it all. They update the page all the time. Watch videos of ice carousels over the years and see the friendly competition between the Maine team, the Minnesota crew and the Finland team.

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