It is now time to put your vote where it matters! Right now, you can vote for Maine's 'Teacher of the Year' for 2022.

As a Maine adult, I look back and think of an endless list of great teachers I had, which is one of the special things we Mainers are gifted to have- a great history of educational mentors. Who is that for our young people right now? That's what your vote can decide.

Who Can Vote?

If you are a parent, student, school administrator, colleague, faculty member, or have some other kind of association to a great Maine teacher deserving of this recognition as 'Teacher of the Year' can nominate your chosen candidates right now.

The Nominating Process

The process includes teachers being nominated at the county level, then, a teacher is chosen out of those 16 for the state teacher of the year for Maine.

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Teacher Qualifications

If you are wondering how a teacher can qualify for this well-deserved title, here are a few requirements a Maine teacher must have in order to qualify to be considered and chosen for a County or State award:

  • Hold a certification for their position
  • Be full-time, certified, and in good standing as a Pre-K to Grade 12 teacher in a state-accredited public school (there are a few more details here that you can find on the official nomination website)
  • Have to work at least 50% of the time during the nomination period
  • Must be actively teaching in the County they become nominated in for the full school year
  • Must have taught in Maine for at least three years with a minimum of five full working years.

If you have a teacher in mind who deserves the nomination, visit the nomination website now through February 4th and get ready to fill in some fields and explain why this teacher deserves this honorable recognition. And be prepared to fit your explanation of this extraordinary pick in 500 words or less.

Find out more about 'Maine's Teacher of the Year' by visiting the website.

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