There are a lot of little towns in Maine that have agreements to work in cooperation with neighboring towns when it comes to providing EMS services to their residents.

But these days, with more people using those services, the wait time for those neighboring towns has increased.

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One Maine town, Milford, is looking for a way to alleviate that problem so they can get their patients to the hospital faster.

According to an article in the Bangor Daily News, the town of Milford, which has up until this point relied on  "ambulances from neighboring Old Town" to take residents to the hospital in emergency situations, is in talks to buy one of Old Town's rigs.

"The Milford Fire Department would staff that ambulance, provide basic life support and take patients to the hospital when needed. Old Town ambulance crews would still be required to provide more serious intervention, including when emergency crews need to administer medications."

The article goes on to say that the purchase of their own ambulance now could save the town of Milford about $50K a year, which along with a faster time getting its residents the help they need, would be an added bonus for the town.

The details of the deal are still being ironed out and will need to go up for public discussion before anything is set in stone.

If everything works out, Milford could start reaping the benefits of its new ride as early as next year.

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