We don't just like pumpkin spice lattes...we friggin' love them!!


Zippia, the career expert, surveyed the country about where ll the pumpkin spice latte freaks are. It appears they are all in Maine! We're number one! We're number one!


Zippia listed a bunch of fun PSL fun facts!

  • Maine is the #1 pumpkin spice obsessed state. There chilly fall makes a perfect backdrop for a hot, seasonal treat.
  • Following Maine is Utah and Montana as the 2nd and 3rd most pumpkin spice loving states.
  • The south is not loving pumpkin spice- 6 of the 10 bottom states are southern.
  • Traffic this fall for pumpkin spice has been much higher than last, are people drowning their quarantine sorrows in over-marketed beverages?
  • Related searches include: “pumpkin spice latte 2020”, “when does pumpkin spice start 2020”, and “keto pumpkin spice muffins”- showing pumpkin spice everything, not just coffees is nice.
  • Judging from where the searches, it looks like Starbucks and Dunkin are where people get their PSL fill.

Are we drowning our sorrows in the comfort of pumpkin spice? Yes. Yes we are and there is no better way to get through a global pandemic.



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