Flavored milk is the cornerstone of any childhood.

I have no kids, but I was one once. I also used to own a restaurant, so I've seen what parents order their kids on a pretty regular basis. If there's one thing almost every kid seemed to get on a regular basis, it was chocolate milk. When I was a kid, the grocery list wasn't complete without a box of Chocolate Quik.

In the meantime, you could just make your coffee like I do. Cream and sugar with a splash of coffee.... It's pretty close!

As adults, we often like to treat ourselves, and often if I do such a thing, I will reach for some kind of flavored milk. Sure, I love it all... Chocolate, strawberry, etc. But one of my favorites is coffee milk. Coffee shakes and ice cream too. They're my go-to if I'm at an ice cream place.

All of a sudden, coffee flavored anything has gotten hard to come by.

I saw a recent post on Facebook from Smiling Hill Farm, an iconic Maine-made milk producer, and they were addressing an issue from customers, that no one can find coffee milk anywhere. Turns out, like many businesses, Smiling Hill is suffering from supply chain issues that have made it impossible for them to find the syrup they need. Although, it looks like the supplier just stopped making the syrup altogether.

But it would seem they're not the only ones. I saw an unrelated post on Reddit, where folks were complaining that they're favorite brand of coffee ice cream was nowhere to be found. Within that thread, someone pointed to Smiling Hill's Facebook post, which was also the first thing that popped into my mind as well.

When will it come back?

Hard to say, they're trying new suppliers and recipes so they can get back to everyone's favorite. Likely, it'll take some time to get the tweaks right, but it'll be back eventually. But as far as exactly when, that's anybody's guess. In the meantime, you could just make your coffee like I do. Cream and sugar with a splash of coffee.... It's pretty close!


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