While 2021 seems to be a year of gradual restriction easement due to the pandemic, many in the Maine Hospitality Industry are worried about the state of unfilled jobs for the upcoming season.

According to the Bangor Daily News, the hospitality industry is short 16,000 workers to fill all kinds of jobs including entry-level, experienced, seasonal, full- and part-time jobs and looking to fill them now or by Memorial Day Weekend, when tourism season really takes off here in the State of Maine.

In response to the need for workers, a group of 1000+ Maine hospitality businesses, which include restaurants and hotels, collectively called Hospitality Maine, is bringing the need front and center with a new website designed to recruit much needed laborers and workers.

The website launched by Hospitality Maine is called 'The Great Maine Comeback' and is a way the hospitality industry is hoping to add employees needed to make the tourism season a success in the State of Maine.

The website includes over 200 Maine businesses looking for employees and has a search feature where prospective employees can find opportunities by location, business name, type of position and county. The searcher can select one or multiple choices for each category in order to customize their opportunities search.

The results give you business names, the city the business is in, the type of position (lodging, restaurant, lodging/restaurant) and the county the business is in.

When putting in a search for jobs available in the Bangor/Brewer locations, 14 positions appeared and varied from lodging to restaurant work, including Timber Kitchen and Bar, Quality Inn at Bangor International Airport and Portland Pie Co.

When putting in a search for jobs available in Portland, 34 results showed up with results for all categories of job types, including businesses including Old Port Sea Grill, Sea Dog Brewing in South Portland, DiMillo's on the Water and Experience Maine.

Take a look at the website yourself by visiting https://www.hospitalitymaine.com/mpage/GMC_homepage

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