One of the only things that can ruin a perfectly wonderful Maine summer day are those wretched mosquitoes.  They don't seem to understand that we don't want them around.  We buy sprays and special swatters.  We don't want to itch and we certainly don't want to contract things like Zika or Malaria.  We ain't got time for that!

A study has found a simple way for you to TEACH mosquitoes to avoid you.  First of all, the winged, devil bugs enjoy the scent of humans.  They actually learn what smells to go to and associate it with a tasty meal.

Jeff Riffell, a researcher for this study out of Washington University, is reporting to NPR that swatting at the beasts will actually teach them to avoid your certain smell.  Mosquitoes hate air vibrations and the blood suckers will associate their dislike for the air vibrations you make by swatting at them with the smell you naturally emit.  In turn, they will learn to avoid your smell.

That's great, right?!  Well, the bad news is mosquitoes only remember things for about a day, so they'll forget to avoid you after a while.  But, hey, go crazy!  Wave those arms and kick those feet because mosquitoes hate it!

Something to remember as we get through the second half of winter.  Hang in there, folks!

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