Behold Bangor...the debut of Twist TV!

If you pulled the plug on cable, but you still have a digital converter box that can receive local channels for news etc., you may already know that channels 2 and 5 here in Bangor, have several digital channels in addition to their main programming. Channels like Decades, on WABI, and True Crime Network, on WLBZ currently air, and as of Monday morning, an all-new channel debuted on WLBZ’s 2.4 signal.

Twist TV, is an all-new reality and lifestyle programming network, Twist features home, food, and lifestyle shows with before-and-after reveals, plus dramatic reality shows with all sorts of shenanigans. The channel features hit shows likes Dance Moms, Tabatha Takes Over, Flipping Out, Clean House. Shows like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Top Chef: Masters and Dr. 90210 will be added to the schedule in the coming months.

As they hit the airwaves here in the Bangor area, here is the Twist TV weekday lineup of reality based fun television for you to binge on. I will admit, I watched two episodes of "Flipping Out" back to back yesterday, and I enjoyed it, so happy viewing!

12:00 am Decked Out
12:30 am Decked Out
1:00 am Fearless in the Kitchen
1:30 am Fearless in the Kitchen
2:00 am Paid Programming till 6am
06:00 am Fearless in the Kitchen
06:30 am Fearless in the Kitchen
07:00 am Decked Out
07:30 am Decked Out
08:00 am Candice Tells All
08:30 am Candice Tells All
09:00 am Candice Tells All
10:00 am Decked Out
10:30 am Decked Out
11:00 am Decked Out
11:30 am Decked Out
12:00 pm Fearless in the Kitchen
12:30 pm Fearless in the Kitchen
1:00 pm Fearless in the Kitchen
1:30 pm Fearless in the Kitchen
2:00 pm Clean House
3:00 pm Clean House
4:00 pm Clean House
5:00 pm Flipping Out
6:00 pm Flipping Out
7:00 pm Tabatha Takes Over
8:00 pm Tabatha Takes Over
9:00 pm Dance Moms
10:00 pm Dance Moms
11:00 pm Decked Out
11:30 pm Decked Out

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