The world first got a real taste of what Old Town native, Aron Gaudet could do, when he released his first film, "The Way We Get By". It was an intimate look at the life of several of Maine's own Troop Greeters, one of whom happened to be his mother, Joan Gaudet.

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He was inspired to create "The Way We Get By" when he brought his girlfriend (now wife and film-making partner) Gita Pullapilly, home to meet his mom.

The couple has since gone on to create a handful of other films together, including "Beneath The Harvest Sky", which was set in Maine.

Wanting to branch out and try something new, the New England School of Communications graduate and his partner decided, for their most recent project, to write and direct a comedy base on the events of a real-life couponing fraud case, run by a trio of women, that took place in Arizona in 2012.

"Queenpins" boasts some pretty huge comedic hitters, including Kristen Bell, Joel McHale, Vince Vaughn. Other big names working on the production include Pop Singer, Bebe Rexha and British actress, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, who stars in the American comedy-drama, "Why Women Kill".

Guadet and Pullapilly explain their inspiration and some of the thoughts that went into making the film.

The movie opened in theaters on September 10th and will be released to stream on Paramount + this Thursday, September 30th.

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