Mainers know of Martha Stewart's love of our state. The almost 80-year-old businesswoman turned TV personality and friend of Snopp Dog has had a home on Mount Desert Island for some time now. Her new 5 episode series on Food Network called Chopped: Martha Rules gives her a chance to share her love of Maine with the world.

If you aren't familiar with Chopped, it's a reality cooking show on Food Network that sees four chefs square off and try to create the best dish using a list of some often uncommon or bizarre ingredients, all to win $10,000. In Chopped: Martha Rules, things get even crazier as Stewart introduces her own rules to the game for an even bigger prize of $50,000.

The was shot right here in Maine and features many ingredients right here from our state. The location was at Hidden Pond, and luxury resort in Kennebunkport. If you want to book a stay, good luck. I tried looking for availability over the next several months and it seems to be booked solid. No surprise as the show debuted on April 13 and people are likely snatching up rooms as quickly as they can.

Martha Stewart is of course the judge of the competition which features chef's from New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and a random chef from Philadelphia, yet none from Maine. The closest we get is a contestant from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I guess producers figured that Maine chefs might have an advantage creating Maine dishes like clam chowder. They'd probably be right.

There are only five episodes of Chopped: Martha Rules and the first aired on April 13. The rest will air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Food Network. You can catch already aired episodes on demand or by subscribing to Discovery+.

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