Now that spring is almost here (it's coming right after the next Nor'easter, right?!), it's time to preview the biggest concerts going down in Vacationland in 2018.

You ready? This year's gonna be epic. Here we go!


#5 Jason Aldean with Luke Combs & Lauren Alaina

Three country megastars in one night... this one's gonna rock big time. You know what they say when it comes to those Country Girls... When it rains, it pours!


#4 - Foreigner with Whitesnake

Here I go again on my own! The Jukebox Heroes tour is going to make a stop in Maine, and it's gonna be epic.


#3 - Imagine Dragons

The Evolve tour is coming to Maine, and they're bringing Grace Vanderwaal with them. This one's gonna be huge.


#2 - Logic with NF and Kyle

This is gonna be an absolutely iconic show for the e


#1 - Keith Urban

Bangor is set to go "Down Undah" when the Aussie supahstah comes up ovah to Maine.



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