Naya Rivera fans no longer have an outlet to tweet the 'Glee' actress, as Rivera has deleted her Twitter handle (@nayarivera).

E! Online reports that the 27-year-old actress, however, still has her Instagram account active and posted content as recent as June 8 when she shared this photo of her with the caption "cool kids nyc."

Rivera has been surrounded with a lot of chatter about her, so it wouldn't be surprising if she was looking to step away from the noise for a while. In April, it was reported that her and rapper Big Sean had called off their engagement. Just weeks later, it was rumored that Rivera had been fired from the cast of 'Glee' when it was revealed that she was not going to appear in the show's Season 5 finale. The rumors became even juicier when it was hinted that 'Glee' co-star Lea Michele and Rivera began feuding, which led to her dismissal from the show. Rivera's rep has since denied that she's been fired.

There were also rumblings that Rivera was dropped by her record label, Columbia Records. Her rep has since denied those rumors as well.

With this much negative talk surrounding her, it's not surprising that she might have chosen to step away from unnecessary chatter.

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