This week in Winterport, a groundhog was having a bad day...

Usually, when you think of a groundhog, you think of Groundhog Day, which is observed every year on February 2, in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, and of course the classic '90s movie, but you may not think of them as an animal that would attack you, but that is not the case.

I have a Facebook friend named Kristen, who posted some pictures of an incident that happened the other day in Winterport. She was nice enough to share some photos of the scrapes and bites she endured, and she also explained to me what happened during this ordeal.

We see these critters all the time around the radio station and trust me, they are not a nice petty, pet type of animal.

Here is the story in her words:

So.. basically.. I went to my moms with my youngest for dinner. We were sitting out by the fire and the woman across the road was kind of calling for help. She was pacing around the side of her house and whatever. So my stepfather, Brad, went over and took my youngest. Her dog had a groundhog pinned in a cinderblock and against the house. The woman was freaking out. Pacing, sweating, saying "oh my god, oh my god help". So I climbed her fence to help with the dog that she has ZERO control over. He'd slipped his collar and was acting like a lunatic. We tried everything. The groundhog had bitten the dog a couple of times and I saw a fence pole/stake and thought I could push the thing out of the fence. Nope. They bite. And they hiss. And they have awful teeth.

So it grabbed the stick and shook it from my hand, then it stood up and hissed at me and charged. I jumped back, got tangled up in a tarp thing, did a weird back flip over her riding mower, landed in the seat and flipped AGAIN and landed on the blade cover. Hit my head on it, my arm.. whatever. The whole time she's running and screaming around her yard with her arms flailing screaming "it's dying, it's dead". So when I looked up her dog had this thing and was shaking it to death at my feet while the neighbor hid behind the house crying. Literally. Tears.

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