The caption of the post that Wendy Brown put up on social media this morning read "And I thought my day started out rough!"

Wendy Brown via Facebook with permission

Based on the picture she had posted with it, I'd say Brown pretty much nailed everyone's sentiment.

Wendy Brown via Facebook with permission

Brown was driving to her job as a Pre-School teacher from her home in Orrington around 6:45 Wednesday morning when she came upon the scene. She said once she realized that no one had been injured, she thought "Being 5 minutes late for work was not looking so bad."

Brown said a fire truck showed up as she was sitting on the off-ramp.

Sgt. Wade Betters of the Bangor Police Department says it was certainly an unusual situation.

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"Powerful engine in a small car. The driver lost control for a moment ...No charges."

I'm still not sure how this white Miata made its way up on the side of the Hammond Street Overpass. I am grateful it went no further than it did. People often shirk off the idea that something as simple as a quick distraction can lead to a dangerous situation. Thankfully everyone involved, including the car, seemed to escape the situation no worse for the wear.

Be careful out there.

Wendy Brown via Facebook with permission

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