Morgan's Beach is closed for the season after a small group of beach goers reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.

Also referred to by many as Cold Stream Pond, the beach is a favorite family destinations for many in that region, with it's frog pond, it's very gradual slope out to deeper water and it's snack shack.

The Town of Enfield made the announcement on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

The post advises anyone who was at the beach the week of August 9-16 to watch for symptoms and to contact their healthcare provider.

"We strived to ensure that the beach was as clean as possible and did everything in our power to make sure we mitigated the virus spread. This was done by employing additional help, to ensure sanitation was done as recommended, and ensuring frequent disinfecting was performed."

According to a story done by WABI TV5, Lowell Fire Chief Rick Smart also posted about the Morgan's Beach closure.

"... saying it was a group of four who tested positive. He is encouraging anyone with a weakened immune system or other serious illness to quarantine for the next two weeks."

For the most part, beach-goers left comments on the Morgan Beach Facebook Page about being disappointed that Morgan's was closing but also saying they understood the reasoning behind the closure. Many also thanked the management for taking the steps to keep the community safe.


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