New information has come to light about a Sullivan man who's been missing since February.

Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Shannon Moss has confirmed that Anson Snowdeal is the subject of an active criminal investigation. Ellsworth Police Chief Glenn Moshier says his department is actively assisting the Maine State Police in the investigation that he says Snowdeal was aware of prior to his disappearance.

We certainly hope that this pending matter will not impede the safe return of Mr. Snowdeal.

The investigation, according to Moshier, involved a business deal that Snowdeal was involved with in 2021. Before he went missing, Ellsworth Police had been in contact with Snowdeal and were trying to get the matter resolved.

Snowdeal was last seen on February 8 in Ellsworth. Police became concerned for his safety when it was reported that he left his mother's apartment on Water Street on foot and left behind his wallet and cellphone. Several searches were launched for him but so far, none have been successful. Complicating the process is the fact that Anson is a twin, and so some sightings have turned out to be of his brother.

According to Moss, police say they have no evidence to show that Anson Snowdeal is endangered but do have sufficient evidence to show that he is avoiding detection. She says new information may alter that perception but, at this point, investigators have followed every single lead, and 'they all point to the same thing.'

Law Enforcement is still actively seeking Snowdeal and welcomes any information about his whereabouts, in regards to this investigation. Anyone with information about his location is urged to contact their nearest law enforcement agency.

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