Earlier this week, Maine Senators (I) Angus King and (R) Susan Collins, announced that $4.85 million is coming to support economic development and infrastructure projects across Maine. The funds are in the budget for the 2022 fiscal year as part of the Northern Border Regional Commission. Three recipients in Aroostook County will receive over $1 million combined.  

The Beneficiaries

Danforth is receiving $229,000 to revitalize the downtown. A face lift for a downtown setting can help with attracting more entrepreneurs and visitors. Danforth has a chance to capitalize on the growing interest of East Grand Lake, which has become a more popular destination in recent decades. 

Frenchville will receive $758,000 for upgrades to the town's pump station. They will be able to keep their current facility, these funds will allow the town to be up to date. 

The Loring Development Authority in Limestone will receive $500,00 to resolve overflows of untreated waste water. The LDA will use the funds to repair 20,000 feet of aging sewer pipes, benefiting over 1,000 sewer users.  

Millinocket is receiving $203,439 for their new municipal airport as part of the State Economic and Infrastructure Development Investment Program. In recent years there has been a concentrated effort locally to reinvent and develop in Millinocket and the surrounding areas.  

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Sen. Susan Collins is a senior member of the Appropriations Committee and played a significant role in securing the funds for Maine, in this bill. A full senate is expected to approve the funds under the Energy and Water Funding bill for the 2022 fiscal year. Sen. Angus King joined Colins in a statement saying “We welcome this investment which will support important economic development projects, create and sustain quality jobs, and help grow Maine's rural economy.”  

You can read the full list of recipients here as well as the complete joint statement from Collins and King.

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