If you or a loved one have a peanut allergy, you already know what a nerve-racking experience it can be. For some, the reaction to peanut exposure is mild. For others, it can be very severe and dangerous.


Over the last decade, these allergies have become more common and have received quite a bit of press. Most schools have a designated nut-free space for kids with issues related to peanuts. Alerts are typically sent out to classmates' parents urging them to be vigilant to not send in snacks that may contain nuts when there's a child in the class with an allergy.

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Working with Northern Light Allergy's allergist and immunologist, Rung-chi Li, DO, Ph.D., Seven-year-old Newburgh resident, Avery, started a special treatment protocol last year and just finished up the first phase with flying colors.

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Dr. Li has been using medication to build up Avery's tolerance to peanuts. This medication is currently the only medication approved by the FDA to help patients aged 4-17 with a peanut allergy.

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But this particular protocol takes a special level of commitment, according to folks at Northern Light:

"In order for this immunotherapy to work, the protocol requires a steady commitment from the family. The dose begins small, administering only about 3 mg to start, with a continually increased dose, and a goal of tolerating 300 mg, or about the size of a peanut. Patients must come in to see us every two weeks and take daily scheduled doses at home.”

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The tradeoff for that work and commitment is hopefully a less severe reaction, translating into peace of mind for worried parents.

"As patients build up their immune tolerance, exposure to peanuts may produce a mild allergy symptom. Now Avery’s parents, Angela and Mark, are more relaxed, knowing their daughter won’t get hives or have a strong reaction at parties or school."

At this time, there are four more kids getting ready to graduate from stage one of the peanut allergy protocol at Northern Light.

To learn more, you can check out Northern Light online by clicking here.

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