People will literally say anything on Reddit.

I was cruising through Reddit this morning and happened upon a fella from Massachusetts who, shocker, thinks Mainers are kind of idiots behind the wheel. As we get deeper into this, you'll see he may not be entirely wrong. Except for being from Massachusetts. There can't ever be anything right about that (totally, kind of kidding).

But if you were to go to Reddit and see the post for yourself, he does make a bit of an interesting point. Mostly, he points out what a number of us local folks do find frustrating every day. You're almost always either stuck behind someone going too slow, or you feel like someone is always riding your bumper and blowing by you. But describing us as bipolar seems a bit much... if not, slightly accurate.

Pretend for a minute this guy's not from Massachusetts...

Would you agree or disagree? I've personally said forever, that there are basically two kinds of drivers in Maine, and he nailed it. Too slow, or too fast. How many times have you been stuck behind Random Maine Grandpa, as he's careening down the road at a roaring 5mph under the speed limit?

Or, maybe you've had the other delight. Which is some jerk, in some oversized whatever, with the high beams on in your rearview, riding so close behind you that you're pretty sure they can see how much gas you have in your tank. How come that guy is never in front of me so that I can drive fast too?!

Don't worry, the irony is not lost on me.

The irony of being called out by anyone who belongs to a group of drivers known internationally as "Massholes", is kind of hilarious. But, as a defensive driver type, I also know how to drive down there and fit in. But that's a whole other tale for another day. In the meantime, I'll see which one of these drivers I end up near today.

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