The world of professional wrestling can sometimes be a sordid place. For proof, check any random episode of the Vice series Dark Side of the Ring, which chronicles stories of crime, drugs, and death from in and around pro wrestling. The show has had two very successful seasons to date — and if I had to guess, I’d assume that what’s transpiring today will someday appear on a future season.

It involves Marty Jannetty, a former WWE wrestler and Intercontinental Champion. Jannetty has a reputation for ... let’s say mercurial behavior on social media. He’s talked about doing unsavory things on Facebook before, but nothing like this: In a recent post, Jannetty appeared to confess to killing someone.

You can see his entire post below:

Jannetty’s apparent confession attracted a lot of attention online — and now police are reportedly interested as well. TMZ contacted the Columbus Police Department in Georgia, where a spokesperson said they are “going to look into this” and will examine old files for “any missing persons or unidentified remains cases that match the limited information in the post.”

Again, if you follow wrestling, you’ve heard some wild stories — but this really might be the single wildest story, whether or not Jannetty was confessing to an actual crime he really did commit. Either way, Dark Side of the Ring does not officially have a third season yet, although producers have said they would “would love to see it happen” and are “in conversations” with Vice about it.

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