This story is absolutely insane...

According to NewsCenter Maine, there is an investigation after the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office reported that a naked man was shot in Casco as he ran away from the 4 men who allegedly stuffed him in a trunk and made him strip naked.

The 39-year-old man was found around 1:30 Monday morning on Tenney Hill Road. Police say he was taken from his home in Naples at gunpoint and then stuffed into the trunk of a car. He wasn't driven far, and then allegedly told to strip. He was scared for his life and allegedly took off into the woods while being shot at, the news station reported.

He not only survived, but gave police a description of the men accused of committing the acts, according to NewsCenter Maine, and four men were arrested in Windham.

Meanwhile, the man who was shot is at Central Maine Medical Center and in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries, according to the news station.

These are the men arrested:

Cumberland County Jail
Cumberland County Jail

Only Ajoung M. Maulual is from Maine (Westbrook), and the rest are from Boston and Minneapolis.

They are all charged with drug trafficking drugs and more charges are expected.

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